Squashed Tomato Challenge - Welsh

A STEM Challenge where pupils design and build a model to move tomatoes down a mountain

A fun hands on investigation suitable for pupils aged 7-19

Challenge your students to take on a real -world problem affecting people in Nepal.

The problem: In Nepal many farmers living on the mountainside grow fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes. To earn a living they need to sell these at the local market.  The problem is getting to market involves a long, dangerous walk down the mountain side and over a river, at the end of which the tomatoes may well be a bit squashed.

The challenge: To design, build and test a way of moving tomatoes that won't squash them!

The activity is accredited by the British Science Association as suitable to count towards a CREST SuperStar Discovery, Bronze or Silver Award . For more information about the scheme please go to the CREST area of our website

The challenge can provide a focus for British Science Week ; be used as a STEM or science club activity; enhance a lesson on forces/friction/levers;  form the basis of an enrichment day;  provide an activity for SEAL and PLTS and be the starting point for a range of cross-curricular activities. To view examples of how schools have used the Squashed Tomato Challenge go to Challenges in Schools.

Please request one of our full A2 posters (in English only) or download Welsh version below.

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CREST passport

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Students at the Intech science centre taking part in the challenge

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