Archive - Practical Action in Sri Lanka

Practical Action's Sri Lanka office was closed in March 2014, and management of Practical Action's continuing programmes in Sri Lanka was transferred to our South Asia office.

This page contains links to historic information about our Sri Lanka office, including project reports and events.


 A new charity, Janathakshan - meaning ‘people’s technology’ or ‘technology for people’ - was created to continue the legacy of Practical Action in Sri Lanka.

Janathakshan will continue demonstrate viable technology based approaches to poverty reduction on the ground through innovative projects, generating knowledge to share, network and be a strong advocate at the national level and beyond.




A brief history of Practical Action's work in Sri Lanka since the 1980s.

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Events archive

A listing of events organised by and attended by Practical Action Sri Lanka from 2003 to 2010.

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Project news archive

A month-by-month account of our project work in Sri Lanka from 2007 to 2010.

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Improving access to infrastructure and services

An overview of Practical Action's Improving Access to Infrastructure and Services programme in South Asia, with particular focus on historical work in Sri Lanka.

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Making markets work for the poor

An overview of Practical Action's work in inclusive markets in Sri Lanka and the surrounding region.

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Reducing vulnerability

Archive content. This page is no longer updated, but the information is retained for reference. Sri Lanka Living at risk from disasters is common to many communities all over the world. For instance, those living on river banks, in coastal towns and on steep slopes live with the ever p...

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