A breakthrough for key policy change in Sri Lanka’s lagoon governance

Practical Action's Sustainable Lagoons and Livelihoods project team in Sri Lanka have been working with the government’s Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DFAR) on legalising proposed regulations and amendment that will benefit 500,000 lagoon fishers.

With these amendments and regulations, brackish fisheries will be recognised as a major sub-sector of national interest along with the traditional rights and needs of small scale lagoon fish. The regulations will also be a guide to the Brackish Water Management Unit (BMU) for decentralised lagoon governance that will be scaled up in all lagoons throughout the country.

A giant step in mainstreaming small-scale lagoon fishery in Sri Lanka

Largely due to the successful implementation of Practical Action's project and positive outcomes generated by this concept, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources on 17th December, 2015 inaugurated a special unit to facilitate fisheries co-governance in lagoons and estuaries in Sri Lanka.

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Lagoon Management in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka the livelihoods of small scale lagoon fishermen and women are under threat and Practical Action has been using community based fisheries management approaches to strengthen lagoon livelihoods. Lagoons in Sri Lanka have not only been damaged by the Tsunami, but have also undergone ...

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Innovative use of GPS for demarcating lagoons endorsed by Sri Lankan government

The innovative use of GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates to demarcate the lagoons, introduced by Practical Action’s Sustainable Livelihoods and Lagoons (SLL) project, has been endorsed by Sri Lankan government.

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