People and Technology: Transforming Lives

Practical Action Nepal strategic plan 2007-12

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Nepal is constantly facing challenges, both in the form of natural calamities and political unrest. The varied geography and topography, urban biased economic development and inadequate exposure to alternative sources of knowledge and information have all helped exaggerate the income gap and economic disparity among the "haves and have nots". In Nepal, Practical Action has been working to address these issues with the core aim of reducing poverty and improving the lives of the poor, particularly in the rural areas where poverty is wide-scale and the needs of the most marginalised are often ignored.

The last strategic period has been a period of learning and diversification for Practical Action, both in Nepal and internationally. In the coming strategic period we are now looking forward to making more positive changes in people's lives through the use of new knowledge and technologies, and by improving and building on traditional ones. We will continue to work in four broad priority areas - reducing vulnerability; markets and livelihoods; improving access to useful services, systems and structures; and responding to new technologies. We will participate more actively in global debates and advocate for policy changes in areas of oraganisational expertise to bring about globally positive changes in areas such as climate change, the impact of indoor air pollution and the role of renewable energy sources.

In everything we do at Practical Action we are focused on bringing positive and lasting change to people's lives. Our aim in the coming years is to continue doing so - with added confidence and more proven technologies and ideas, we believe we are more capable of delivering people focused programmes and projects that bring positive changes among some of the poorest communities in the country.

Download People and Technology: Transforming Lives - Practical Action Nepal strategic plan 2007-12 (PDF, 3.6Mb)

This five-year strategy aims to directly work with over 300,000 poor people of western Nepal, using technology to positively change their lives.

Practical Action plans to achieve this objective in two ways. Firstly, by identifying locally developed ideas and improving them through new technologies and practices. Secondly, by introducing new technologies once it has been ensured that they genuinely meet people's needs, and are sustainable, environmentally friendly and simple enough for the communities to use, run and maintain independently. The new strategy has identified six broader main thematic areas for Nepal office to work on during the strategic period.

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