The work undertaken by Practical Action Sudan is to achieve the organisation’s vision of "a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used for the benefit of all".

Practical Action Sudan is using technology in innovative interventions and putting the organisation’s mission into practice by translating it into a development approach to reach Sudan’s vision: sustainable community-managed development.

Our work

Practical Action Sudan’s work is structured under three organizational themes:

We also have four cross-cutting themes run across the programmes: Access to markets, Climate change, Civil society and Gender.

As a Knowledge Broker we offer technical information through the Practical Answers service.

Particular attention is paid to disadvantaged sections of the community such as poor families, households headed by women, the disabled or other marginalised groups. Practical Action Sudan works closely with beneficiary communities and applies a participatory methodology in assessing peoples' needs, monitoring progress and impact and developing and transferring technologies.

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News from our blogs

Water is life for villagers in Darfur

  A simple solution like a solar powered water pump can have a profound impact on a commu...
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Improving food security in Talkok

Telkok is one of the most poverty stricken localities in the state of Kassala and needs a great d...
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Sudan Technology Justice Conference

Practical Action Sudan celebrated the organisation's 50th Anniversary through the first National Technology Justice Conference in Sudan, under the patronage of Dr. Tahani Abdalla Attia, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

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Enabling access to clean, reliable and affordable energy services

Explore our energy work in Sudan

Agriculture and disaster risk reduction

To have sustainable systems of agriculture, natural resource management and market access developed to provide food security and livelihoods

Explore our agriculture and DRR work

Urban sanitation

Aim to establish and strengthen a community-based approach to waste management

Read about our urban sanitation work in Sudan

Where we work

Practical Action Sudan operates out of three field offices, Kassala in Eastern Sudan in El Fashir in North Darfur, Damazine in Blue Nile State and Head office in Khartoum.

Practical Answers

Our technical information service offers free downloads of practical information on a range of development topics.

We also have a technical enquiry service where anyone working in poverty reduction, or on small-scale technology projects, can ask a question and receive a response from our local experts free of charge


Browse our archive of publications, including reports, case studies and project news, including research papers and newsletters.

Explore Sudan publications archive

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Arabic site

An Arabic-language version of this site, with information about our work in Sudan in Arabic, will be launching soon.


Practical Action has had a presence in Sudan since 1974, and established a country office in 1990.

Reports and case studies from past and continuing projects can be found in our project news archive.

Practical Action Sudan history and project archive

Practical Action, PO Box 4172, Khartoum 1114, Khartoum Central, Sudan | Registered office: House # 91, Block 71, Al-Mamoura - Khartoum South

Tel: +249-15566-2474 / +249-15566-1959 | Fax: +249-183-472002 | E-mail:
Darfur office +249-731-843596 | Kassalla office +249-411-822103 / 822699 | Blue Nile office+249-157845180

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