Sudan celebrates 50th anniversary with Technology Justice conference

Practical Action Sudan celebrated the organisation's 50th Anniversary through the first Technology Justice Conference in Sudan.  It was inaugurated by Dr. Tahani Abdalla Attia, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, who spoke highly of the work that NGOs do to help the government work towards sustainable development especially in rural areas.

The conference attracted more than 200 delegates.  There were presentations from  Mahjoub Mohamed Salih, Director of Alayyam Studies Research Center; Chief Editor and Founder of Alayyam Newspapers on ‘The Reflection of the Concept of Justice on Technology’ and Professor Suad Sulaiman; Professor of Parasitology  at the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences on ‘Technology justice: Prospects towards improvement of peoples’ livelihood in Sudan’.

These were followed by a series of short presentations showcasing the technologies and innovations of Practical Action.

On the second day Practical Action staff introduced the reality of Technology Justice reflected in Practical Action's work in Sudan.  Following a series of panel discussions there was a practical activity, led by Impact Hub staff in a Creative Lab session.  Participants divided into groups were given the task of creating a model for smart villages.

The accompanying exhibition included innovations from Practical Action’s projects in Kassala, North Darfur and the Blue Nile, as well as the Women’s Development Network’s work, Forest National Corporation, AfriCorp, Fandora Recycling Projects and other independent innovators.

At the end of the first day, the birthday was shared and there was a lively performance by RAI Vocal Group and Ahalina Dance group and an unforgettable and passionate performance by Sudan University's College of Music and Drama Choral

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