Sudan programs in review 2014-16

Programs in Review, Practical Action Sudan's report for 2014-16 is available to download as a PDF file, in English.

Practical Action Sudan Review 2014-16

Programs in Review – an overview of Practical Action's work in Sudan 2014-16.

Message from the Country Director

Being a women and a human rights activist, I have had a keen interest in the work of Practical Action long before joining the organization. There were three reasons for my interest and I would like to share them with you.

  1. Practical Action is making sustainable changes to the lives of the most vulnerable Sudanese women and girls. The Clean Stove Project as an example works to provide women with a clean and environmentally sustainable source of energy for cooking. However, it does more than this. It improves their social, environmental, physical and economic wellbeing: reducing the risk of gender based violence by eliminating the need to travel many km every day to collect firewood, reducing deforestation, reducing indoor air pollution that causes eye and long diseases, and reducing household expenditure on energy.
  2. Practical Action is the only organization that strategizes to target technology justice and hence makes life easier for women and other vulnerable groups. Examples in this regard are many including natural resource management mythologies water harvesting dams, agricultural tools that increased food security, by increased production productivity in rural vulnerable areas hit by climate change. Working with communities building their capacity to manage and sustain livelihoods, network and strengthen their voices to demand and pressure to access and be a part of the national development plans.
  3. Practical Action has worked in Sudan since the 1980s and has been present in Darfur, continuing to provide vital development services in rural areas even during the height of the conflict, when others were absent.

I find these three reasons extremely inspiring and worth fighting for, to be part of such a great team and to work for such an extraordinary organization. I am very proud and hopeful about what we can achieve for the most vulnerable Sudanese people with special reference to women, today as well as tomorrow.

Practical Action is a unique organization challenging poverty and enhancing the quality of life for those less fortunate by promoting technology justice. We believe the goal of development should be to create sustainable well-being for all, and that technology is essential to achieving this. That is why the vision of technology justice underpins our entire change agenda.

Practical Action is also unique because we work with communities at the grassroots level, through the community-based organisations (CBOs) and Networks that represent them. Now most of these CBOs are completely independent in terms of identifying their local needs, raising funds from donors and other INGOs, implementing projects and evaluating the impact of their interventions. Furthermore, this has enabled us to continue working alongside local communities such as those in Darfur, even when there are serious security risks. Practical Action credibility has enable building partnerships with Donors, UN agencies, technical government departments, community networks and a wider civil society environment and it was a surprise that it was selected for the leadership of the INGO’s working in Sudan.

Our uniqueness can also be felt in the secondary and unseen impacts of our work, where we understand and believe that as a consequence, the local communities we work with live better lives in terms of their physical and mental conditions. Practical Action has a long, successful history of working within the scope of energy, agriculture, disaster risk reduction and urban water, sanitation and waste management, but we have yet to realise our vision of a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice, in which technologies are used for the benefit of all. This is a long journey which we have committed ourselves to. Each and every staff member of Practical Action strongly believes that it can be done. So far, the tasks that have been accomplished by our organization are outstanding and something to be proud of.

Muna Eltahir Hamadan

Annual report and accounts 2015-16

Practical Action's annual report and accounts for 2015-16 are available to download as a PDF file. They include a review of our international programmes against strategic objectives, the report of the independent auditors and a detailed financial statement.

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