Overview of our energy work in Sudan

The majority of the rural and peri-urban poor in Sudan rely on fuel-wood or charcoal for cooking on inefficient stoves or three stone fires, and on kerosene and candles for light. This programme aims to reduce the consumption of biomass energy (wood and charcoal) which have devastating environmental and health effects particularly for women and girls who are primarily responsible for cooking.

Practical Action Sudan’s objective is to improve the social welfare of the peri-urban and rural population, contribute to poverty reduction, gender equality and to reduce the environmental impact of energy by having access to clean, reliable and affordable energy services (LPG) for 20,000 direct beneficiaries and 595,000 indirect beneficiaries by 2017.

Currently active project under this goal include:

Low Smoke Stoves project (LPG)

Our Darfur Low-Smoke Stoves Project in western Sudan is benefiting thousands of families who now have a clean kitchens, clean lungs and more money to spend on essentials. Based on earlier work to bring efficient LPG stoves to homes in Kassala, eastern Sudan, the project is also helping the enviro...

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Increasing Access to Services for Kassala Rural Population, including charcoal production from mesquite

In addition, the Energy programme supports the technical enquiry service, Practical Answers.

Blog: clean-burning gas stoves have the power to transform lives in North Darfur

Collecting wood for indoor stoves puts women at risk of attack, and the smoke is highly toxic, but a project bringing LPG cookers to Darfur is turning lives around

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