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On Monday 8th October 2018, Instagram legends and award-winning podcasters Scummy Mummies held an exclusive one-off comedy show in aid of Practical Action at Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush.

Over 100 people enjoyed an evening of honest chat and belly laughs as comedy double act Scummy Mummies chatted with megablogger Mother Pukka. For the first half of the night, they were joined by Archana Gurung from our Nepal office to discuss their experiences of travelling to Nepal to see our work, then it was time for some classic Scummy Mummies action as they performed some of the most popular sketches and songs from their sell-out UK tour. All proceeds from the event will support our life-changing work - thank you to everyone who joined us for such a great night.

Mother Pukka

Archana Gurung and Mother Pukka joined Scummy Mummies live for a one-off charity fundraiser for Practical Action


In April 2018, we travelled to deepest, darkest Nepal with Instagram legends and award-winning podcasters The Scummy Mummies. We know what you're thinking, why would we take these two idiots to a community that has enough problems as it is?

Well, the answer is, we needed their help to make more people aware of the problems affecting these communities. We dragged them and their gold catsuits to the far west of the country to meet communities benefitting from our gravity goods ropeways, rehabilitated water mills and irrigation systems helping vulnerable people increase their income and free themselves from poverty.

2.5 million women across Nepal suffer from a painful and debilitating condition called uterine prolapse, which often occurs when women carry heavy loads too soon after giving birth. In parts of rural Nepal, women are forced to carry their goods to market for hours on end, up and down incredibly steep and exposed terrain. Sometimes women are forced to do this just days after giving birth, causing serious damage to the uterus.

We visited Karnali, a remote mountain village, where the Scummy Mummies recorded an episode of their award-winning podcast. For the first part of the episode, they sat down with some mums from the village to find out what their lives are like.

The women told real stories of incredibly tough things that have happened to them. There are discussions about miscarriage and baby loss, and some graphic descriptions of prolapse. they also talked about motherhood in general and found out some things they all had in common, and had a few laughs along the way.

They then spoke to Archana and Abbie, who work for Practical Action, to find out what we’re up to and how people can help. There's some chat about irrigation - not the colonic kind - and gravity ropeway pulley systems. More fun than it sounds.

Practical Action is working with communities to combat the effects of carrying goods with a very simple solution.

By installing a gravity goods ropeway, heavy loads can be moved up and down the mountain using just the force of gravity to power it. Goods can be transported almost 1km in just over a minute, meaning women don’t need to carry loads that weigh the same amount as their own bodies up and down the mountain, putting strain on already weakened muscles.

Gravity goods ropeways are part of a wider three year agriculture project which will increase the income of around 35,000 people through upgrading water mills to provide clean drinking water as well as building irrigation systems so that people can water their crops. The wider project is also training 70 village vets and farming experts serving 7,000 farmers, providing them with support and advice to keep livestock and crops healthy, as well as growing a variety of crops to increase earning potential and new farming techniques.


The adventure began on Monday April 23rd and we posted on Instagram and Facebook throughout the trip, as well as recording a podcast from deep in the Himalayas…

Download The Scummy Mummies Nepal podcast



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