Sustainable energy projects

Access to energy has the power to transform lives, yet a billion people still live without electricity.  Over 4 million people die each year as a result of cooking over open fires.  A reliable supply of electricity allows families living in poverty to improve their health, education as to become financially self-sufficent.


Women energy entrepreneurs in Kenya

Supporting women's economic empowerment through enterprise development in clean energy access markets

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Renewable Energy for Refugees (RE4R)

The problem Communities need energy to power their businesses, schools and hospitals. Parents need it for earning an income, and for cooking and refrigerating food. And, as daylight fades, children need it for safety, studying, and playing with family and friends. Yet, worl...

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Moving Energy Initiative

Improving sustainable access to energy for displaced populations

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Reducing indoor smoke in Nepal

Improving the health and livelihoods of women and their families by providing access to fuel-efficient stoves and smoke hoods

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LPG stoves in Darfur, Sudan

Improve health and livelihoods by switching to LPG for cooking

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Sustainable energy for rural communities

Solar powered mini grids for irrigation and community energy in Zimbabwe and Malawi

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Solar pumping in Bolivia

Access to powered irrigation for improved agricultural production

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Solar powered smart village in Sudan

Improving health through renewable energy in Barbujat

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Practical Action Consulting

Our consultancy arm, Practical Action Consulting, allows us to disseminate our learning across a much wider area and reach more people, assisting the delivery of sustainable energy access for poor people in developing countries.

Consulting energy projects and experience

Completed energy projects

Each year, we help around 200,000 people get access to modern, sustainable energy services.

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