#techjustice in action

Technology justice is all about ensuring everyone has access to technology that is essential for life, for example technology that enables them to have clean water to drink, and a safe, healthy place to live.

In this series of videos TV presenter Ortis Deley looks at the science behind some of those technologies, illustrating how with support from Practical Action, communities in Bangladesh have used the application of science to improve their lives, demonstrating  #Techjustice in action. 

Ideally suited to pupils aged 7-14 these videos make a rich starting point for lessons around energy, microbes, levers, forces, properties of material etc. To find out where these videos fit the UK science curricula please have a look at our Global learning in Science documents.

Beat the flood

Having a safe place to live is an essential part of life. Ortis Deley looks at the how people in Bangladesh consider the properties of materials in order to choose the right ones to build a flood proof community . Please click the link below to view the video.

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Marvellous microbes

This video explains how microbes convert kitchen waste into biogas and how the process improves the lives of people in Bangladesh.

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Pump it up!

The science behind how a water pump works and why it is important to the lives of people in Bangladesh is illustrated in this video.

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To explore the concept of technology justice with your pupils further please look at our technology justice activities

This project is funded
by the European Union.

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