Technical Briefs

Technical briefs are documents produced by Practical Action which are freely available to people in the developing world. They provide detailed technical information on a variety of subjects ranging from how to make jams and pickles to how to build a flood-proof house or an aerial ropeway.

As excellent secondary sources of information pupils can use technical briefs for research and to analyse and evaluate raw data. They are therefore excellent support materials for the new science national curriculum

Technical briefs - Communication

Street drama, newsletters and posters are all examples of inspiring ways used to communicate messages globally.

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Technical briefs - manufacturing

Manufacturing on a small-scale is an important livelihood for many people in the developing world. Businesses are usually run by a family or a small group within the same community.

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Technical briefs - construction

Practical Action helps poor communities to make the best use of their own labour and to use locally produced building materials and techniques that they can afford and manage.

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Technical Briefs - transport

Transporting goods and people in a relatively low cost way is particularly important to people in the developing world living in remote areas. Options include cycle trailers, improved bicycles and aerial ropeways.

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Technical briefs - food

Technical information used by farmers and small businesses around the world on how to store ad and process food.

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Technical briefs - agriculture

Agricultural production in many parts of the world is carried out on a small-scale by farmers. Relatively small improvements in agricultural practice can can a bit impact on life of a the farmer and his family.

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Technical briefs - water and sanitation

Clean water and good sanitation are important to everyone's health and well being . Low cost solutions are vitally important to poor communities in the developing world.

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Technical briefs - energy

A range of technical briefs linked to renewable energy solutions including micro-hydro, solar, wind and biogas.

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