Technical Briefs - transport

An ability to transport goods and people in a relatively low cost way is particulary important to people in the developing world living in remote areas.  Technologies include cycle trailers, improved bicycles for load carrying, and aerial ropeways.

Aerial ropeways

Simple but effective ways of transporting produce and people in the mountainous regions of Nepal.


A general overview of how standard bicycles can be modified covering extensions, carriers and bicycle taxis.

Bicycle ambulance

Detailed information on how to build a bicycle ambulance suitable for use in the flat marshy lands of Nepal.

Bicycle trailers

Bicycle trailers are invaluable in enabling people in rural areas to transport produce to markets.

Dry Stone Causeways

The lack of transport infrastructure can isolate a rural are completely. It is demonstrated how to overcome this common problem using local materials.

Pack Transport With Donkeys

Pack donkeys can still be the appropriate solution for transport in remote mountainous regions where the roads are few and difficult.It is described how pack donkeys should be selected and their saddles arranged for maximum efficiency.

The Donkey Plough

The history of the Practical Action donkey plough is explained, as well as the way it is used today.

Human powered devices

Technical information on how to make a wheelbarrow using locally available materials.

For more technical briefs on transport please visit Practical Action's main website.  Access is free but you will be required to register.

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