Technical briefs - water and sanitation

Access to clean water and sanitation are vital to health and well being.   Low cost approaches are particluarly important to poorer communities in the developing world.

A Small-Scale Arsenic and Iron Removal Plant

It is explained how arsenic and iron removal plants are working and how to set them up.

Compost toilets

The function of compost toilets is explained, a diagram is shown and the benefits are outlined.

Human powered handpumps

The different types of pumps used in different situations, with simple diagrams, and the advantages and disadvantages for each system.

Sand dams

The explained importance of sand dams, simple construction instructions and its pros and cons.

SODIS solar water disinfection in Sri Lanka

A brief explaining the ease and success of this simple, cheap system.

Solar Distillation

Solar distillation is a treatment of brackish water supplies and is used for water purification.

Slow Sand Filtration Water Treatment Plants

Since the majority of rural communities are still drinking superficial water that does not meet the required standard of quality, causing serious health problems. The water treatment process, identified as the most appropriate for the rural Amazon environment, is explained.

Water supplies for food processing

Ways are described how to ensure that the risk of contamination of water for food processing is minimized.

Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment solutions are explained which can help communities have access to cleaner and safer water.

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