Technology Forum Resources

The Technology Forum Online Resources page provides links to downloadable documents that cover issues of poor people's access to technologies in Zimbabwe. The resources bring together, key stakeholder knowledge on technology generation, adoption, and sustained use that is designed to benefit the poor.

Please note that you require Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.

New Documents

DISCUSSION PAPER: Strengthening Mechanisms for the Development of Pro-poor Technology Development Policies in Zimbabwe
This discussion paper incorporates issues raised in two workshops coordinated by Practical Action Southern Africa and held in Zimbabwe to ignite a technology dialogue among all technology stakeholders as a step in the process for developing a pro-poor technology policy framework. 

Outcomes of the Technology Stakeholders’ Workshops – “Increasing Poor People’s Access to Appropriate Technology”.
This report provides a synopsis of the outcomes of the Technology Stakeholders’ Workshops held in Harare and Bulawayo. The workshops were held with the intention of sharing technology experience and practices, defining and agreeing on what constitutes technology that challenge poverty and achieve sustainable development and defining an environment that is conducive in which technology can work.  



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