Technology Justice

A series of images showing Technology Justice in action

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Solar water pump - Kenya

Children in Kenya celebrate a solar water pump providing clean water after years of drought

Clean water - Kenya

Supplies of fresh clean water reduce drudgery for Maasai women and improve family health.

Knowledge centre - Bangladesh

Providing knowledge on rice cultivation to a farmer in Bangladesh helps him increase his yield.

Potato breeding - Bolivia

New strains of potatoes survive the cold and produce sufficient food for Bolivian families.

Layer farming - Peru

In Peru layer farming ensures survival of cloud forests and a sustainable livelihood for farmers.

Improved stove - Kenya

In Kenya installing improved SCORE stoves improves the health of families, particularly women and children.

Alpaca training - Peru

Training in new techniques leads to more secure livelihoods for alpaca breeders in Peru.

Flood prevention - Nepal

Bamboo fencing and sand bags along a river bank in Nepal will prevent homes being flooding.

Stoves - Peru

Improved stoves in Peru save lives by reducing deaths caused by smoke inhalation.

Forest planting - Bolivia

Planting a forest in Bolivia ensures a sustainable livelihood for future generations.

To view these photos on flickr and download as a pdf please go Practical Action's  Technology justice in action photostream

If you would like to explore the concept of technology justice with your pupils please look at the activity below.

Technology Justice

Pupils consider their own needs and wants for technology then learn about Technology Justice - the global right to sustainable technologies

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