Technology Justice in our work

''At Practical Action we believe everyone has the right to access the technologies they need to live a life they value...provided that does not prevent others from doing the same now or in the future''




At Practical Action we want to move the world from what we feel is the current state of technology injustice to one of technology justice. Our vision is for a sustainable world where technology is used for the benefit of all.

Technological advances have increased productivity and income, improved quality of life and raised life expectancy … in the developed world. The truth is that technological innovation is focused on meeting the wants of rich consumers rather than the most basic of needs of poor people in the developing world.

Our work focuses on four main areas where we are working with communities in the developing world and at international policy level to change our world into one where technology justice is a reality.


Find out more about Technology Justice by Reading the blog  from Astrid Walker Bourne, Practical Action's policy director  

Energy access

Energy gives people the power to improve their lives. 1/3 of the world’s population still lives in the dark and despite the invention of cheap, fuel efficient stoves more people still die of diseases caused by smoke inhalation that malaria. This is technology injustice.

Find out more about our work on energy

Water and sanitation

Every year 1.5 million young children die from water and sanitation-related diseases.This is technology injustice hitting you in the face. We have both the knowledge and technology to prevent these deaths. Simple toilets and access to water saves lives.

Find out more about our work on water and sanitation

Food and agriculture

We can grow enough food to feed the world.  Practical Action believes in helping small-scale farmer increase their productivity rather than introducing large commercial farming...empowering people and increasing well-being. Technology justice in action.

Find out more about our work on food and agriculture

Disaster risk reduction

Climate change is having an increasingly disaterous effect on poor people in the developing world.  We have the technology to both reduce the rate at which climate change is occurring and to help the poor prepare for its effects, making  technology justice a reality.

Find out more about our work on disaster risk reduction 

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