Design briefs and activities - key stages 4 and 5

The following design briefs provide rich experience for textile students to engage with UK based or international design contexts that address aspects of sustainability. Background information is provided with each context.

Got the message? Design a textiles product that contains an environmental or social message.

What's it made of? Design a product for a company who reduce environmental impact through choice of materials/and or production.

It's not fair : Design a product for a company that has fair trade and ethical values.

I used to be a plastic bottle : Reusing and recylcing are important criteria for addressing environmental concerns. Develop a textiles product that minimses environmental impact.

Throwaway society : Design a product that will stand the test of time.

Back to front: Design a textiles product in which you reuse textiles to create another product.

International contexts

Carrying equipment: Design a portable carrier for a community based paravet in Kenya. 

Link to Practical Action's international work

Practical Action's inspirational work with community based paravets in Kenya can be accessed at 

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