Textiles and Sustainability

In the UK, we currently throw away a million tonnes of textiles each year. The production of these textiles has made an environmental footprint at each stage of the products' lifecycle, as well as possible exploitation of people involved in the production.

There are many ways in which textile designers and consumers can address sustainability. The links below will take you to material information, design activities and inspirational products to help you make informed choices.

Textile product case studies

Inspirational case studies from around the world of the development of textile products.

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Sustainable Textiles Companies

Links to inspirational Textiles companies.

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Textiles material information

Information of materials and their impacts on people and the environment.

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Design briefs and activities - key stages 4 and 5

Design briefs and activities suitable for Key stage 4 and 5.

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Printed resources for Textiles teachers

Practical Action's publication to support D&T teachers to include sustainability.

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Design briefs and activities - key stages 3 and 4

Design and make design briefs and activities for key stage 3 and 4.

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