Micro-hydro electricity generation for rural households in Odisha

Renewal energy programs have emerged as a viable option to achieve the goal of sustainable development. These play significant roles to protect the environmental hazards posed by the traditional energy options which cause threat to environment. In that context our projects in some rural pockets of Odisha has been using water sources and setting up micro hydro power houses which are sufficient enough to lighten few villages.

SMRE - Sustainable Micro-hydro through Energizing Rural Enterprises & Livelihood

SMRE (Sustainable Micro-hydro through Energizing Rural Enterprises & Livelihood) project is pioneering initiatives in model demonstration mode at Badamanjari MHP and Putsil MHP of Semiliguda Block of Koraput District. , Odisha.

With broader objectives to improve reliability & efficiency of power production and increase utilisation from the MHPs this project was initialised. In addition this project aimed at having documenting evidences on energizing sustainable rural livelihood and capacity building of localisation of the process of managing MHPs and creating a self-sustained model where the communities are taking care of operation and maintenance.

The project villages are empowered through training and livelihood activities linked to the energy sharing of MHPs, so it’s a win-win situation for the MHPs and the entrepreneurs of the villages in particular but all in general. This project is also supported by WISIONS. 

Total Energy Access by OTELP

Odisha Tribal Empowerment and Livelihood Programme (OTELP) has been supporting our micro hydro concept of energising rural Odisha and under that we are providing technical support for pico / micro hydro Projects in Kandhamal & Rayagada District.
We are identifying and promoting appropriate, affordable, acceptable and accessible end-use options of MHP which will contribute to poverty alleviation enhancing poor people's participation in the MHP energy generated/based economic activities in the state. These will also increase in the income of poor people and will lead to more connections to poor households, which in-turn will increase the demand for electricity.

Total Energy Access project in partnership with Odisha Tribal Empowerment and Livelihood Programme (OTELP), under the Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribe Development Department, Government of Odisha. The project interventions range from meeting the lighting requirements (home and common areas lighting), cooking, livelihood options (water for irrigation, small agro-based industries) and water for drinking and sanitation In other words, it is about linking energy to holistic development of communities.

The project’s area of work is in the tribal-dominated Kandhamal district. The area has been selected based on the feasibility study and Detail Project Report of potential sites in the district done by Practical Action on the request of OTELP.

Two villages - Balimusti and Tetragaon - have been taken up on a pilot basis and replication will be done based on the learnings from the project. Both the villages do not have adequate access to electricity and the project is implementing a micro hydro in Balimusti village with the capacity of 6.6 KW which will provide electricity to 47 households and run a small grinder for turmeric processing.

The project is also demonstrating waste to energy model of biogas and clean cook stoves in both the villages to reduce indoor pollution. Solar energy based water pumping systems will also be set up.

This project is co-funded by OTELP

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