Training in Tailoring and Embroidery

Practical Action’s work on livelihood diversification includes training in off-farm activities. This includes tailoring and embroidery as alternative sources of income that can be full time or part time activities. These skills can also be used at different times of year when agricultural work is in low demand and extra income is needed.

An example of this is Awlia, her husband is an agricultural day labourer and is often out of work during the rainy season, and therefore her family of 5 suffer from food shortages. This insecurity often resulted in the family taking out high interest loans from money lenders which further added to their insecurity. Awila tried to make a living in tailoring, however she had no training and there was no demand for her limited services.

Under Practical Action’s V2R (Vulnerability to Resilience) Project in Bangladesh, Awila expressed an interest in furthering her tailoring skills in order to build her business, and she went on a 10 day training course in designing, cutting and sewing. The training provided 35 yards of cloth to help her start her business and she stared her business in January 2010.

Since then her customer base has increased gradually and her income is enough to support her family during the rainy season and send her children to school. In addition her income has allowed her to invest in her business as well as buy furniture for her house.

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