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We have over 40 years experience in finding appropriate transport solutions

One of the major causes of poverty is isolation. Improving the access and mobility of the isolated poor paves the way for access to markets, services and opportunities.

We work with poor communities to identify the types of transport that work best for them. With our technical and practical support, isolated rural communities can design, build and maintain village roads and bridges using local materials, tools and labour.

Examples of our work

Road building

Building better roads improves access to schools, health care, building materials and other goods

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Animal drawn carts

A simplified donkey-pulled cart allows farmers to transport all their produce to market in one trip

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Bicycle trailers

For remote communities a bicycle ambulance provides a vital lifeline, enabling them to get the sick to medical care quickly and in comfort

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Tuin river crossings

Improved Tuin river crossing technology can provide a sustainable solution to people living in isolated, rural and mountainous areas

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Aerial ropeways

A road in the sky improves access for people living in isolated and mountainous areas, as well as lighting up the village by night

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Gravity ropeways

Depending solely on gravitational force, gravitational ropeways are simple, inexpensive to operate, and environmentally friendly

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Our approach

By improving transport and infrastructure, those without the means to previously do so are able to access markets where they can buy or sell goods for income, make better use of essential services such as health and education and keep abreast of social, economic and political developments happening in their country.

We focus on Intermediate Means of Transport (IMTs) – transport devices that come between walking and conventional motor vehicles and help people to move loads or use animals more effectively for load carrying. These technologies include cycle trailers, improved bicycles for load carrying, ox and donkey carts, handcarts, wheelbarrows, improved panniers for animals and other types of animal carts.

Making markets work for the poor

As well as transporting goods to and from market, we also help producers, traders and processors to identify the challenges that they face themselves, to work together to solve problems and make the most of opportunities.

We work with the entire market system, often focusing on helping poor farmers and producers to build their abilities to engage with people they do business with and get better deals for themselves and their communities.

More about our work on inclusive markets

Technical information

Our technical information service offers free downloads on a range of topics related to transport, including:

We also have a technical enquiry service where anyone working in poverty reduction, or on small-scale technology projects, can ask a question and receive a response from our local experts free of charge

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