Energy Demand Study



Client:  UNICEF
Country:  Zimbabwe
Dates: 01/12.2014- 31/03/2015
Lead office: PAC Southern Africa

This research study focused on understanding how women, men and children living in fuelwood deficient regions similar to the Seke Communal lands are coping with energy for cooking. It looked at the current cooking practices, energy resources and the impact these have on women and children. The Seke Communal lands are adjacent to Chitungwiza which is 25 km from Harare.
The study aimed at:
i) assessing the socio-economic impacts of the current energy mix for meeting the household cooking needs particularly on women and children,
ii) characterising the technologies and energy sources being used for cooking and
iii) getting the community’s views of potential solution to the challenges they face due to energy for cooking. It is intended that this study will inform a sustainable energy for cooking intervention programme to address the energy deficiencies and address some of the socio-economic challenges they are facing.

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