Global Primary upd8s

Three new Primary upd8 activities produced by the Association of Science Education  (ASE) in collaboration with Practical Action for the Global Learning Programme England.

Each looks at a 'big question' faced by a child living in a developing country and encourages pupils to work scientifically and investigate the science behind a potential solution.

Materials for each lesson comprise of  a PowerPoint preserntation, which incorporates student worksheets, and comprehensive teacher notes with links to useful secondary sources of information.  In addiiton to being suitable for the science curriculum these materials can be used in a science or STEM club.


Sandy seeds

Pupils investigate the conditions needed to grow healthy plants.

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Monsoon proof roof

Pupils investigate different materials that could be used for a roof in a flood-prone area

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Cool pots

Pupils investigate the question faced by families in Sudan, how do you keep fruit and vegetables fresh when you don't have a fridge?

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For secondary and transition resources please see our Global secondary updates

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