Global Secondary updates

This set of three lessons from the Association of Science Education ( ASE) in collaboration with  Practical Action has been produced to support the Global Learning Programme England.

In these lessons students discover how people in the developing world are using science to improve their own lives; carry out an investigation, and consider how learning from the developing world could be of benefit to us in the UK.

Each lesson comprises a PowerPoint preserntation, which incorporates student worksheets, and comprehensive teacher notes with links to useful secondary sources of information and suggestions for extension activites which could be carried out in a STEM or science club.

Recycle or reuse?

Pupils consider the efficacy of recycling and the differences between reduce, reuse and recycle, discovering how these are used in Nepal. They can then go onto produce products of their own.

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Iodine initiative

Pupils look at how Tanzania has solved health problems caused by lack of iodine and whether we should do the same in the UK.

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Flood alert

Pupils look at how flood alert systems developed in Nepal have helped save lives. They use their knowledge and skills in building electronic circuits to design and build their own flood alert system.

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For primary pupils please look at our Global Primary upd8s

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