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Updates is the quarterly newsletter of Practical Action Eastern Africa.

Updates 3 - Practical Action East Africa newsletter

April - July 2013 Practical Action Shines at WEDC in Nakuru, Kenya | Quest for Food Sufficiency in arid Turkana | Our Priorities, Our Plans, Our Common Development Agenda | Community Led Total Sanitation: Road to health | Water drilling made easier, faster, safer and affordable | Our Gateway to Development

Updates 2 - Practical Action East Africa newsletter

In this edition we present our perspective on the recent Qatar Convention - Doha Climate Change talks. We reiterate our commitment to advocating for Sustainable Energy for All (SEA4All) where we present the Waterbuck Declaration a commitment we drew in December 2012. We also present stories of change from our briquettes work. We celebrate our work with Christian Aid and our experiences abroad at the global finance meeting in the UK. This is an interesting read.

Updates 1 - Practical Action East Africa newsletter

April-July 2012. In this issue: Our experience at Rio+20; MSE Innovations and Technology Exhibition; community-based animal healthcare workers in northern Kenya; social audits; and bilateral programmes in Kampala

Small World 58

Farming for the future: in this edition of the magazine about our work for supporters we look at how your support is making a difference to farmers around the world.

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