Urban sanitation

Overview of our urban and sanitation work in Sudan

With limited waste management services in urban and peri-urban areas, disease is rife. Current waste disposal practices include open burning, which has negative consequences on health and the environment.

Over the next five years Practical Action Sudan will ensure that poor urban dwellers and displaced people living in peri-urban areas live in a healthier environment. We aim to establish and/or strengthen a community-based approach to waste management and work with the state and local authorities to sustainably improve waste management thereby improving hygiene and health. Adoption by state ministries will ensure impact at scale with the view for this approach to be adopted nationally during the next strategy period.

By the end of 2017, we will achieve our objective which is to have a sustainable urban waste-management system developed, to improve environmental sanitation for 60,000 people in Damazine, Rosaires, El Fashir and Kassala.


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