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Our schools video gallery contains a number of videos from Practical Action that teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools may find useful as support material or starting points for lessons across the curriculum.

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#techjustice in action

Three videos presented by Ortis Deley exploring the science behind some of the the technologies essential to life...water pumps, flood-proof housing and biogas digesters.

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Climate Change

These videos give examples of the impact of climate change on people in the developing world, and how Practical Action is helping communities adapt to it.

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Highlighting problems caused by flooding in the developing world these videos show how Practical Action's work reduces the devastating impact of flooding.

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Disaster Risk Reduction

Videos showing how Practical Action helps communities prepare for natural disasters to help reduce the devastating impact.

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Food and Agriculture

These videos look at how farmers in the developing world grow and transport their food, focusing on the introduction of new technologies.

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Water and Sanitation

Access to water and sanitation is vital in the fight to reduce poverty. These videos show some of Practical Action's solutions

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Problems caused by lack of access to energy, and renewable energy solutions from Practical Action are shown in this series of videos.

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