Water and Sanitation project

Practical Action's project work on Water and Sanitation can be used as the basis to introduce your primary aged students to learning about their own use of water and those of children living in different countries.

This context provides a rich opportunity for cross curricular work in Geography, Science and Design and Technology.

All of the materials to support this project, including topic sheets, a video on water and sanitation in Kenya and links to water images are available in the download and further information sections below.

Water and sanitation teaching materials


The importance of water  Activities demonstrating the necessity of water for everyday life; how we can reduce waste and global water supplies are explored.

Where does water come from? This topic compares water supplies in different countries; how water is obtained and develops an awareness of what it is be like to live without a constant water supply

Clean or dirty? The problems faced in obtaining clean water and ways in which dirty water can be cleaned are investigated.


A series of worksheets looking at the importance of sanitation and how many people in developing countries deal with issues of poor sanitation.

Keeping clean Students consider how they and other people round the world keep clean

Drainage and sewers Activities looking at the importance of drainage systems.

Toilets How access to toilets differs around the world is looked at in a range of activities.

Images and video clips to support project


Freely downloadable pictures of water and sanitation in use are available in our  image gallery to support this project.

Video clips
 Ant and Dec see the reality of poor sanitation in Kenyan slums, and the real difference that Practical Action has made by building toilet blocks.



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