Water for three states

The problem

Access to water has always been a problem in Eastern Sudan. Rainfall is sparse and water sources few and far between. People (mainly women and girls) walk many miles each day to collect water.  So water is used only for absolute necessities such as cooking and drinking and hygiene suffers. These are pastoral communites whose livelihoods are based on their livestock so finding water for their animals is a priority.

This project will provide secure access to safe water through renovation and construction of water points and groundwater collection infrastructure and will promote improvements in hygiene and sanitation practice in the region.

What we’re doing to help

Objective: To reduce poverty and conflict in Eastern Sudan by increasing access to water and sanitation.

Sustainable access to water, and improved sanitation and hygiene behaviour in the three states of Sudan (Aqua4East)

Location: Kassala, Red Sea, Gedaref in Eastern Sudan
Number of beneficiaries: 265,365
Project date: June 2015 – March 2019
Partners: Aqua4East Partnerhip: ZOA, IAS, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Plan, SOS Sahel
Principal funders: UKaid
Funding: £1,847,600

Raising awareness on the importance of water resources management

  • Establishing Water Resources Management Committees (WRMCs) and training participants through a participatory planning process 
  • Setting up data collection systems and conducting feasibility studies on options for water resources management infrastructure
  • Developing Water Resources Management Plans (WRMPs) for selected catchment areas for construction or renovation of water collection and delivery

Constructing appropriate water infrastructure for groundwater collection

  • Renovating and/or constructing appropriate drinking water facilities
  • Promoting appropriate methods for household water treatments
  • Delivering training on the operation and maintenance of water facilities
  • Establishing local spare parts supply chains for water points

Promoting behaviour change for improved sanitation and hygiene practices

  • Sanitation and hygiene promotion in the communities and in schools
  • Construction of latrines in schools, health centres and public places
  • Support to sanitation-related small businesses

Look how far your money can go

Before, the community health promoters used to give us strong hygiene advice, but without water we could not do what we were advised to do. Now we have sufficient water and we are very hygienic. Our clothes, food and houses are extremely clean.”  – Nafish O'shak of Darastra village, Sudan


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