Water for the World

Help pupils find out about access to water and build their own filters

This challenge was written with partners as part of an EU funded project in 2015. 

Following feedback and some suggestions from teachers we decided to write a new challenge on water filtering that was more aligned with our other STEM challenges...this challenge is called Ditch the Dirt.  Please do take a look at Ditch the Dirt and decide which of the two is more suitable for you and your pupils.

The Water for the World Activity was designed to be delivered by university engineering students as a schools outreach activity but has been adapted so teachers can download and deliver directly in the classroom.

Working in teams pupils explore issues around access to water and clean water around the world. This is followed by a hands on activity where they build their own water filters with different sets of resources depending on which country they represent.

They are designed for both primary and secondary students and are suited to a 60 min or 90 minute session, but could be extended. 


A perfect activity for a science or STEM club.



Water for the World teacher's notes - Primary

Water for the World teacher's notes - secondary

Water for the world congratulations certificate

Technical brief - water treatment systems

Water for the World PPT - Primary

Water for the World PPT - Secondary

Water for the world well done certificate

Pump - it- up

This video shows how clean water is essential for people to be able to live healthy lives, and explains how a water pump works.

This project is funded
by the European Union.

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