WEE Works - Women's Economic Empowerment

Scaling up energy access through women’s economic empowerment in Kenya

Women play an invaluable role in energy service and production value chains. They are massive game changers in ensuring universal energy access.

Despite the fact that women make up over 50% of the Kenyan population, they have remained excluded from involvement in energy service delivery.

Adopting Women Economic Empowerment approaches in energy service delivery and planning has numerous benefits for both individuals and organizations.

  • It enables women to profitably provide energy services and products
  • Increases resources allocated towards household energy access
  • Empowers women to contribute towards decision making regarding their energy needs

Practical Action alongside other stakeholders have come together to advocate for the adoption of Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) approaches in energy planning and delivery at National, County, and International levels.

Women in Energy Enterprises in Kenya (WEEK) project

We work with over 800 women energy entrepreneurs in 7 counties to build their capacity to participate in and benefit from energy markets as actors and beneficiaries.

We are aiming to strengthen a sustainable energy market for women entrepreneurs Kenya and to strengthen institutional capacities in organisations to undertake and use gender equality in delivering energy services. We are focusing on fuel briquettes, solar energy and improved cookstoves.

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Advocacy for Gender and Energy in Kenya (AGEK) project

Based on the lessons learned from the WEEK project, AGEK project focuses on advocating for adoption and support for women’s economic empowerment approaches. We aim to raise awareness at local, national, regional and international level, of the potential that energy holds to empower women economically.

#sheworksforweeworks What is it all about?

"On 11th of May I was up in the wee-hours to catch the 6am flight to Kisumu… My very first time to Western Kenya so I was quite excited to not only meet the women that I heard so much about but to explore a place that I’ve looked forward to visiting for quite some time now..."
Grace Sowairina Msalame

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Women in Energy Enterprises

Margaret Kariuku — A self-established businesswoman

Margaret Kariuku is a Kenyan woman who has not had the easiest path to success. As a mother of four, she has struggled to find a stable income to provide for herself and her children. "Three times, I have had to start again. Three times, I have had to rebuild my livelihood. It all begun in 2005, when I stopped working as a secretary in Nakuru town. I thought that I would get my life sorted, but as fate would have it, this would not be.” After she finished working as a secretary, ...
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Women energy entrepreneurs in Kenya (WEEK)

We are empowering women in Kenya to enable them to benefit from sustainable energy opportunities, both as entrepreneurs earning an income and as consumers with access to safe, sustainable energy solutions for their homes. This project is using a markets approach to build a self-sustaining industr...

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Goal 1: Universal Access to Energy

increasing access to modern energy services for cooking, lighting, communication and productive uses for poor households in Eastern Africa.

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