Last year we helped 1.7 million people out of poverty

Technology has a vital role to play in building livelihoods. Technology doesn’t mean just physical infrastructure, machinery and equipment – it’s also the knowledge, skills and capacity to organise and use these effectively.

Practical Action currently has 90 projects in developing countries around the world.

We focus on areas where we can make a big difference. Energy access, food and agriculture, urban waste and water, disaster risk reduction are all critical to poor people’s wellbeing, and are important examples of the world's failure to achieve technology justice.

In addition to our physical projects on the ground, our consultancy, publishing, educational and technical information services extend the reach of our practical approach to tackling poverty, scaling up our approach to reach millions more poor people worldwide.

Three themes are embedded across much of our project work:

Climate change

We have developed simple, practical solutions that can help people to minimise the ways in which floods, droughts and extreme weather affect their lives.

Our work in climate change adaptation

Inclusive markets

We help poor people to make a better living – by enabling producers to improve their production, processing and marketing.

Making markets work for the poor

Technology justice

We want to see a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used for the benefit of all.

More about technology justice

Annual report

Read more about our work around the world, and the amazing impact we are having on people's lives, in our Annual Report

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How your support is making a difference

In the last year your support has helped reach 1.7 million people with the simple solutions they need to change their lives. We're proud of what we have been able to achieve together, and we hope their stories make you feel proud too. Thank you!

Our approach

We find out what people are doing and help them to do it better. Through technology we enable poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions.

water pump, Zimbabwe

Transforming lives

Through projects on the ground, we improve the lives of over a million people every year.

Our programmes give poor people access to modern energy, and help them to grow the food they need sustainably.

We help people in urban areas get the clean water and sanitation they need, and reduce the risk of disasters for the most vulnerable.

para-vet, Kenya

Sharing knowledge

We want to change as many lives as possible, by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Our Consulting and Publishing services reach development professionals around the world, and our technical information service Practical Answers offers free resources directly to those who need it most.

washing hands

Influencing others

We have big ideas that can change lives - but our own projects can only reach the people we work with directly.

By sharing our ideas with local and national governments, international agencies and other development organisations, we can make a bigger impact on a global scale - and work towards technology justice for all.

Projects like this depend on your support. Please help us to work with communities around the world to save lives and improve livelihoods.

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