Who's most at risk?

Who's most at risk? is an exciting role play activity that enables pupils aged 11-18 years to understand some of the key factors that place people around the world at risk from the effects of natural hazards. 

This resource can be used flexibly with a whole class in a range of subjects, including;

Geography - to explore how people are affected differently by natural disasters such as flooding

STEM subjects - to introduce one of Practical Action's STEM Disaster Risk Reduction challenges of Beat the Flood or the Floating Garden Challenge.


Teacher's notes and pupils sheets (all)

A single document containing all the sheets you need to run the Who's most at risk? activity.

Character profiles

A set of international character profiles to help pupils identify how people are affected differently by natural hazards.

Chance cards

Six chance cards that highlight factors that affect peoples ability to deal with natural hazards.

Teacher's notes

Instructions to help you prepare and run the activity.

Key words

A sheet for pupils to explain key terms used in the activity.

This project is funded
by the European Union.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Videos showing how Practical Action helps communities prepare for natural disasters to help reduce the devastating impact.

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Disaster risk reduction

If people are sufficiently prepared, and have the capacity to cope and recover quickly, droughts, floods and even earthquakes need not be a disaster.

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In addition you may find that Practical Action's technical briefs from our international projects on Disaster response, mitigation and reconstruction are useful for your GCSE and post 16 students. 

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