Climate change - who's in control?

Understanding who is responsible for climate change

Help students explore who should take responsibility for reducing the effects of climate change through role play involving different perspectives which promote discussion and debate. Designed to take place over two to three lessons with background information for teachers and related videos this resource is ideally suited to Key Stage 3 and 4 students in science and citizenship.

In the video on the right, writer and broadcaster Adam Hart-Davis reports from Kenya on the threat posed by climate change. This film was produced in 2006, but with drought currently hitting Kenya, the issues remain as urgent as ever. This video can also be downloaded to your computer as a Window Media file (WMV, 13Mb).

Download all materials in a single zip file, in PDF format (1.2Mb)

Teacher's notes

The leadership challenge activity is designed to take place over 3 one-hour lessons or 2 one-hour lessons with homework. Full details are given on how to set up activities and where to find additional information.� Download teachers notes (pdf)

Outline of lesson plans

Download (pdf)

Character viewpoints

Perspectives on climate change from each of the characters in the role play
(give one complete set to each group)

Role play preparation worksheets

Worksheets to both record questions to ask other characters and prepare answers to some potential questions.
(give 1 copy to the group playing that character)

Other resources

Voting slip
Commitment questionnaire
Carbon calculator worksheet
Segments of responsibility

Download all materials in a single zip file, in PDF format (1.2Mb)

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