Wind Power Challenge

A renewable energy STEM challenge where pupils design and build a simple wind turbine

A practical challenge for pupils aged 7-19 focusing on renewable energy.  Pupils design and build a simple wind powered machine that can lift a cup off the floor.

Teacher resources include a lesson plan, pupil support materials, certificates and more. 

Accredited by the British Science Association this activity can be used to gain a CREST Discovery award (primary and secondary), and a CREST SuperStar award (primary) . For more information please go to the CREST area of our website.

POSTER For a free poster download from below or email us for a free copy.



Teacher's notes

Certificates - well done

Certificates - congratulations

Wind turbine sheet

Poster illustrating different designs of wind turbines used for different purposes

Renewable energy poster

To view a PowerPoint that shows students how wind power has transformed the lives of people living in Peru please go to our case study  page

Video showing the importance of renewable energy

Wind turbine exploding

Comment from B Ryan on TES connect

great - could be used in many contexts

Used today with year 9s study electricity and energy. They found the task challenging, really good links to SEAL with this activity.

Videos are very good, the wind turbine blowing up was really popular with the year 9 boys!

All in all, can be used to make a challenging and great skills based lesson.

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