Wind Power Challenge - Welsh

A practical challenge for pupils aged 7-19 focusing on renewable energy.  Pupils design and build a simple wind powered machine that can lift a cup off the floor.

The activity is accredited by the British Science Association as suitable to count towards a CREST SuperStar Discovery, Bronze or Silver Award . For more information about the scheme please visit their website

The challenge can provide a focus for British Science Week ; be used as a STEM or science club activity;be used for transition;  form the basis of an enrichment day; provide an activity for SEAL and PLTS and be the starting point for a range of cross-curricular activities. 

Please request our renwable energy poster or download one below (available in english only)

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Teacher's notes

Teachers notes to support the wind power challenge

Wind turbine sheet

A poster showing different designs of wind turbines for students to help with their own design

Renewable energy poster

Students certificates congratulations - Welsh

Certificates for the winners of the wind power challenge

Students certificates well done - Welsh

Certificates that can be given to the whole class

To view a PowerPoint that shows students how wind power has transformed the lives of people living in Peru please go to our case study  page

Why renewable energy is important

A wind turbine exploding

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