Zamzam dam set to change lives in Sudan

In the third week of July, Practical Action Sudan country director Muna Eltahir visited North Darfur and monitored the work around the Sail Gedaim and Zamzam dams, Zamzam nursery and drip irrigation system, as part of Wadi Elku Project.

The dam, about to be handed to the community, will change people’s lives in Sail Gedaim. The dam - 775m long, 13m wide and 2m high - will benefit 11,000 households, covering an area of 4,000 faddan (16.8 square km).

A rain gauge was also installed in Zamzam Community Development Centre for measuring amounts of rainfall. Two people were trained in meteorological system to help collect needed data, and they have been linked with the Meteorological Centre in ElFashir Airport, a governmental body, to ensure sustainability.

31 July 2015

Seil Gadim Dam opened in Darfur

The 775 metres long Seil Gadim Dam was officially inaugurated, to help maximise the water resources and benefit the locals in the Wadi Elku project area, North Darfur.

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Seedlings transplantation for Wadi bank stabilisation in North Darfur, Sudan

The Wadi Elku Catchment Management Project has completed seedlings transplantation in different areas surrounding 10 kilometres in North Darfur, Sudan.

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